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Learn about the Noxudol family of products.

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Sound Damping
Rust Protection
Reference Objects

Sound Damping
Noudol 3100/3101
Noxudol 3100/3101 is a waterborne viscous, elastic sound damping paste based on polymer. Due to its viscous elastic flexibility it converts sound producing resonance into heat.
Rust Protection
Noxudol 300
Noxudol 300 Spray is a solvent free, thick-bodied anti corrosive for the underbody. It is chemically reinforced and added effective rust protective ingredients.

Noxudol 700
A thin-bodied rust preventive oil free from solvents. It forms a soft, waxy, water repellent, anti corrosive film.

Reference Objects

Sound damping with Noxudol 3100

Reference object - Djupviks Shipyard

Before: They used to glue 1,5 mm aluminium plate with 1 mm glue on the inside of the hull. This required 1 working hour per sqm. All the aluminium plates had to be cut to the exactly right size. The weight per sqm where 5 kg.

Today: All vertical places, which need sound, damping, included the frame ribs, are treated with Noxudol 3100. Up to 5 kg/sqm can be applied without exceeding the cost for the material of the old system. However, Noxudol 3100s unique sound damping properties and the possibility to treat 100 % of all vertical surfaces and frame ribs, reduce the requirement of material to about 2 kg/sqm (about 3 litre/sqm wet material). They apply up to 3 kg/sqm on surfaces where extra sound damping is required.

- Less working hour to sound damping one sqm. Up to 80% reduction.
- Reduced material cost.
- Less weight. Up to 50% reduction.
- Environmentally harmless product.
- Contains no solvent or other dangerous materials.
- Better sound damping results.

Sound damping with Noxudol 3101

Reference object - Alstom Transport

Before: Used an domestic product with a weight dry film of approx. 2,8 kg/m.

Now: Use Noxudol 3101 and receive the same sound damping properties with a weight of only 1,5 kg/m and a dry film thickness of approx. 1,5 mm. They reduce the weight with 120 kg per wagon.

- Lloyd Certificate of Fire Approval
- Bureau Veritas Certificate of Type Approval
- Smoke generation 3101 ISO 5659-2 (1994)
- Spread of flame 3101 IMO Resolution A.653(16)
- Noxudol 3101 F1 Class
- Noxudol 3101 M1 Class
- DIN 54837 Adtranz Nox 3100
- Burning rate 3100 Volvo STD 5031,1

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