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Sound Damping
Rust Protection
Reference Objects

Sound Damping
Noudol 3100/3101
Noxudol 3100/3101 is a waterborne viscous, elastic sound damping paste based on polymer. Due to its viscous elastic flexibility it converts sound producing resonance into heat.
Rust Protection
Noxudol 300
Noxudol 300 Spray is a solvent free, thick-bodied anti corrosive for the underbody. It is chemically reinforced and added effective rust protective ingredients.

Noxudol 700
A thin-bodied rust preventive oil free from solvents. It forms a soft, waxy, water repellent, anti corrosive film.

Reference Objects

Sound damping with Noxudol 3100

Reference object - Djupviks Shipyard

Before: They used to glue 1,5 mm aluminium plate with 1 mm glue on the inside of the hull. This required 1 working hour per sqm. All the aluminium plates had to be cut to the exactly right size. The weight per sqm where 5 kg.

Today: All vertical places, which need sound, damping, included the frame ribs, are treated with Noxudol 3100. Up to 5 kg/sqm can be applied without exceeding the cost for the material of the old system. However, Noxudol 3100s unique sound damping properties and the possibility to treat 100 % of all vertical surfaces and frame ribs, reduce the requirement of material to about 2 kg/sqm (about 3 litre/sqm wet material). They apply up to 3 kg/sqm on surfaces where extra sound damping is required.

- Less working hour to sound damping one sqm. Up to 80% reduction.
- Reduced material cost.
- Less weight. Up to 50% reduction.
- Environmentally harmless product.
- Contains no solvent or other dangerous materials.
- Better sound damping results.

Sound damping with Noxudol 3101

Reference object - Alstom Transport

Before: Used an domestic product with a weight dry film of approx. 2,8 kg/m.

Now: Use Noxudol 3101 and receive the same sound damping properties with a weight of only 1,5 kg/m and a dry film thickness of approx. 1,5 mm. They reduce the weight with 120 kg per wagon.

- Lloyd Certificate of Fire Approval
- Bureau Veritas Certificate of Type Approval
- Smoke generation 3101 ISO 5659-2 (1994)
- Spread of flame 3101 IMO Resolution A.653(16)
- Noxudol 3101 F1 Class
- Noxudol 3101 M1 Class
- DIN 54837 Adtranz Nox 3100
- Burning rate 3100 Volvo STD 5031,1

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SR20DE-T RWD (S13 BLACK TOP) ENGINE,TRANSMISSION & ECU can be use for 240SX 89-92 for $1,850.00

EJ25 DOHC for 96-99 SUBARU LEGACY & FORESTER / 97-98 SUBARU FORESTER for $ 1,050.00

45D6 TURBO MITSUBISHI DIESEL ENGINE (can be use for 85-92 Mitsubishi / 88-90 Mazda p/u)

4JB1 TURBO ISUZU DIESEL ENGINE (can be use for Isuzu Trooper, Rodeo and pick up truck)

TD27 TURBO NISSAN DIESEL ENGINE (can be use for 87-94 Pathfinder-p/u truck-hard body)

RF TURBO MAZDA DIESEL ENGINE (can be use for Mazda B2200 & B2000)

SR20VE NISSAN & INFINITI ENGINE (fit 97-01 Nissan Primera / 200SX and Infiniti G20) $ 795.00

 I've bought atleast 4 SR20De's from you guys and they have all been great!!!! great compression...Im actually gonna get another soon for my cousin so look forward to getting yet another rock solid sr20! 

Kenley Meza
Norwalk, CA
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